September 23, 2020 by Carl Meyerhofer

Demystify Your Broadband Deployment Project


So you’re an electric coop or municipality that’s decided to offer broadband services. Well done! This is a great move to help your community thrive—now and into the future.

Getting a community connected with broadband is a complex project, and the path forward may seem daunting. You’ll have to weigh many options and make strategic decisions. For example:

  • Will you go with a fiber or wireless infrastructure? And what are the benefits of each?
  • What options help to ensure a future-proof investment?
  • How do you ensure sustained reliability while maintaining the highest possible bandwidth?
  • What is the best option to deploy smart city and/or smart grid technologies?

In Calix’s new guide, Just the Facts: Getting Started with Broadband, we address the top concerns voiced by cooperatives and municipalities—and outline the facts so you can make good decisions and successfully deploy broadband in your community.

This guide helps to educate you and demystify the challenges of broadband deployment. It walks you through the different types of technologies and infrastructure options while providing you direction to help your community on the path to a brighter future.

At Calix, we are committed to supporting electric cooperatives and municipalities on their broadband journeys. Read Just the Facts: Getting Started with Broadband and reach out to us to be connected to our community of partners to explore your options.