August 13, 2020 by Bridget Watkins

Help Subscribers Manage Online Experiences for Their Children


I raised my children at a time when the Internet was shiny and new. At the outset, we didn’t understand the dangers for children online like we do today. We didn’t have online safety courses or parental control options.

Since then, innovation has yielded amazing products, services, and applications; but also enabled those with malicious motives. I can only look back and think about the number of arguments it would have saved me as a parent if I had parental controls to easily enforce “lights out” or “don’t go to that website.”

66 percent of subscribers will pay for a mobile app that filters content for kids

In part one of this series, we shared some information about a recent study we did with Moor Insights and some of the valuable insights we received from parents and grandparents about their top concerns for children online. More than 66 percent of the respondents were interested in a mobile app that helps them filter content for their children or grandchildren, and more than 62 percent are willing to pay between one and 10 dollars monthly for this type of service.

Don’t miss this competitive opportunity

Clearly, subscribers want this service—and if you don’t offer it, they can easily get it from a competitor. Why not build it into the solutions you are providing for Ultimate Wi-Fi? This will ensure your subscribers have the most amazing online experience possible, while also giving them the tools they need to manage online time for everyone at home.

When it comes to offering parental controls, we see communication service providers exploring a few options: 

  1. Include Experience IQ Enhanced Parental Controls as part of the Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience (so these controls are available for anyone who wants to use it).
  2. Provide this service for a minimal monthly fee so that it’s affordable and accessible for parents and grandparents who will find value in it.

Deploy parental controls quickly

Service providers can easily leverage Revenue EDGE Market Activation resources like campaign materials, how-to videos, social posts and more to quickly get this service in front of subscribers to demonstrate the added value that you continue to bring them. If you haven’t already got ExperienceIQ so you can provide this amazing parental control experience, start learning about the value you can get from EDGE Suites. If you need help with packaging/positioning or want to learn more about market activation resources contact us for a Marketing Consult. Watch for blog three in this series next week on launching ExperienceIQ.