June 17, 2020 by Teresa McGaughey

Deploying PON in a Pandemic World

Three years ago I wrote a blog called “2020 is just 3 years away…Is your network ready?” Certainly, didn’t expect a global pandemic to be the reason I asked that question. The changes that 2020 has brought us have been challenging on both business and personal fronts. 

The operation and maintenance of your networks have definitely been more challenging. I see the exhausted eyes over Zoom calls and the frustration from simple things like, ”…we can’t just walk down the hall to deal with a situation”. In addition, I’ve heard from many of you that you’re seeing peak usage hours in the middle of the day due to so many working remotely. Upstream bandwidth has increased by 20 percent and projects you had planned to ensure you didn’t have a problem are now needing to be expedited. To top it off, new subscriber turn-ups as well as requests for higher bandwidth services are going through the roof in most places. How do you keep up? 

This is the subject of an upcoming webinar called “Deploying PON in a Pandemic World” where I’ll join Light Reading and discuss:

  • What is the best PON technology for your applications?
  • Has deploying PON changed in today’s new world?
  • What do you need to ensure your subscribers can meet the needs of all the people now living, working, and learning at home?

Please register and join me on June 25th at 11am ET.