June 15, 2020 by Gregory Bathrick

Applying for RDOF? Get Help Directly From the FCC


If there is one thing that we have learned from today’s COVID-19 emergency, it is how badly we need the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF). This unprecedented $20.4 billion fund will direct support to provide broadband to six million unserved locations across rural America.

Last week, the FCC finalized its rules that drastically change the way broadband infrastructure funding will be administered. Designed to incentivize bids with faster speeds (up to gigabit) and lower latency, this auction funds the participants offering the best-performing network once the total price of all bids falls below the auction’s budget. Further, these rules adopt the smaller Census Block Group unit as the minimal geographic bidding area removing a huge barrier of entry for smaller regional and greenfield players.

With the RDOF short-form application deadline of July 15 upon us, time is running out for general managers and chief financial officers to determine whether RDOF aligns with their long-term buildout plans. This week’s webinar will cover the questions that will help with this important step. Such as:

  • “Should I apply?”, “What is my obligation if I do?”,
  • “Do I need to be an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier to apply?”,
  • “How do I complete the short form?”,
  • “What requirements are due beyond the short-form?”,
  • “How do I effectively bid?”, and
  • “When will funding start?".

Please attend this Fiber Broadband Associations RDOF webinar scheduled for June 17. I will host an expert panel including FCC’s Director of Rural Broadband Auction Task Force, Michael Janson, and Kelley Drye & Warren’s Partner, Thomas Cohen. Please register here.

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