April 6, 2020 by Kevin Kuo

Virtually Ensuring Connectivity When It Matters Most


Today, many of us are facing new challenges that are impacting one or more aspects of our lives, whether it be personally or professionally. To help alleviate some of those impacts, we are seeing an unprecedented outreach of support coming from all corners of the world.

As a local service provider, you are one of those businesses delivering this much needed support. You are called on to ensure the most reliable experience possible whenever and wherever your subscribers need it. In today’s environment, that really couldn’t be more important than it is now. The crisis we are facing together is forcing everyone to use their broadband services differently. Delivering dependable broadband connectivity will enable your subscribers to communicate with loved ones and doctors, provide them the ability to work virtually, and ensure their children can engage in remote learning.

As important as having a reliable network that keeps your subscribers, their families, and business partners connected, there is an equally important set of “family members” that you must care for as well. Those members represent the office workers and technicians that work outside on your network or are supporting operation centers, customer service, or retail stores.

So, what are you to do? Well, how would you like to have a virtual technician at your beck and call—one that will reduce site visits and truck rolls while keeping your own technicians safe and healthy. While traditional support approaches will always have a role, remote network troubleshooting capabilities are needed to add new levels of serviceability and flexibility, especially given today’s working environment. You can now shorten resolution times for addressing network or service-related problems with the Calix AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox. Imagine a virtual technician on-site without having to initiate a truck roll; gaining the visibility on an issue in an instant or troubleshooting network connectivity issues in real-time while the subscriber is on the phone with you.

The Toolbox offers a very unique set of tools powered by our AXOS platform. One of the tools, the AXOS Remote Packet Capture, features the network protocol analyzer Wireshark application and can help you shorten resolution times for addressing network or service-related problems.

You can learn more about all of the disruptive tools within the AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox as well as see demonstrations of each in our upcoming Remote Network Troubleshooting webinar scheduled for April 9.  You can register for the AXOS Intelligent Access EDGE webinar here.