March 3, 2020 by Kezia Gollapudi

Where Would you Invest if you Could Save 66 Percent of your Tech Support Budget?


At a time when most businesses are increasing their investments and making cultural shifts to firmly plant customer care at the heart of their organizations, it seems counter intuitive to be discussing reduced operational costs. But several service providers like Farmers Telecommunications Coop (FTC), the largest member-owned telecommunications cooperative in the state of Alabama, have successfully managed to do exactly that—all while improving their subscriber experience.

FTC has not only cut its third-party tech support costs by 66 percent, but also saw a 55 percent reduction in average call time and a 35 percent decrease in number of inbound support calls.

How? It started with measuring and continously tracking the right metrics to assess the health and performance of the customer care organization. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the whitepaper, The Data-Driven Support Center, to establish the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for your support operations.

After asking themselves tough questions very early in the process, like what exactly “owning the subscriber experience” meant to their business,​ where FTC’s responsibility ​should begin and end, and how to address the already high support costs, they decided to make two high-impact changes.

Rethinking the customer enagagement model

Previously, FTC depended heavily on expensive third-party tech support to resolve all Internet troubles. FTC’s in-house customer service representatives (CSRs) were limited to fielding billing and general inquiry calls. By training and arming their CSRs with the right tools like Calix Support Cloud to tackle subscriber issues in real time, FTC has been able to bring frontline support back into their communities. In addition, FTC has pared down third-party support, limiting it to after-hours support only.

As a result, FTC slashed its total operating costs and reduced call times by putting all the information needed at its CSR’s fingertips to resolve issues quickly. More importantly, FTC has boosted its members’ confidence in customer care and delivered a differentiated experience, especially in newer communities they are expanding into.

Reinvesting in the ultimate Wi-Fi experience

FTC funneled its operational savings back into putting the most advanced Wi-Fi systems on the market into their members’ homes resulting in better coverage, lower inbound trouble tickets, and a superior end-to-end experience.

For a detailed look at FTC’s Whole-Home Wi-Fi offer and the components of its solution, be sure to view the webinar, Align People, Processes, & Technology to Deliver the Ultimate In-Home Wi-Fi Experience.