March 18, 2020 by Jeff Brown

Supporting You Through Record Internet Traffic


Did you know last week was a record? 

According to Data Center Frontier, "Internet exchanges around the world recorded record traffic peaks on Tuesday, driven by increased Internet use related to the spread of Coronavirus, and the release of a new Call of Duty game."

Some network vendors have seen "roughly a 200 percent increase in video conferencing during working hours in North America,” while the Call of Duty download was 18-23 GB, which highlights two applications contributing significantly to this traffic increase.

With these rapid changes in bandwidth demand, Calix is here to help you meet the needs of your community as you may be revisiting capacity planning. We have solutions to increase access capacity, as well as analytics to identify the pain points down to the subscriber level as more work from home and utilize videoconferencing tools.

Before COVID-19 took center stage, Acentek proactively expanded their access network to 100G because they were seeing unexpected surges in traffic associated with bandwidth-hungry apps like gaming. While usage in your network may not have previously warranted this upgrade, work and lifestyle changes being driven by this pandemic will cause traditional traffic profiles to change dramatically.

We understand that your time is limited, so we are available to help when you need us. We have on-demand resources available like our recent webinar with Acentek where you can hear first-hand about their network upgrade. In addition, we are constantly adding new resources as the situation evolves, such as this 10G PON Planning and Deployment webinar with Calix experts and your peers to learn what others are doing to manage the rapidly increasing demands for bandwidth.