February 19, 2020 by Bridget Watkins

Is There an Easy Button to Help Subscribers Parent Children Online?

As parents know, children do not come with a manual or an easy button. Each are unique, with different hobbies and interests which may manifest in their online behaviors. With that in mind, many parents have rules about how the Internet may be used by their children at different times of day. Busy parents often find it challenging to enforce and manage these rules effectively.  

In fact, Pew Research Center published some interesting research that indicated:

  • 65 percent of parents of teens say they worry about their child spending too much time in front of screens.
  • 52 percent of parents say they at least sometimes use parental controls to restrict access to specific sites.
  • 57 percent report limiting the times of day their teen can go online. And these numbers are even higher when asking parents about younger children with 71 percent of parents with younger children at least sometimes enforcing screen time limits.

So, what does this mean for service providers?

As service providers focus on improving the subscriber experience, it is often challenging to find new services that truly deliver additional value and also drive increased ARPU. However, offering a simple to use, integrated parental control service seems like a win-win. Parents are looking for solutions to enforce online rules for their home, even when they aren't there. With features such as screen time limits, content filtering, and application usage reports, parents would have increased visibility into and control over where their children are spending their time online.

ExperienceIQ™: Enhanced Parental Control, part of the EDGE Suites within the Calix Revenue EDGE solution, meets the needs of parents and service providers alike. Managed through the CommandIQ™ mobile app, parents have the tools at their fingertips to enforce the Internet rules that apply to their home, while service providers can gain additional ARPU by offering the service with a low monthly fee. 


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