February 13, 2020 by Tom Schroer

Alarm Analytics Help BTC Fix Service Impacting Problems Before Subscribers Are Aware

Depending on their size, communications service providers may see thousands of alarms—critical, major, and minor—coming from their network each week. Even if you have the capability to correlate or filter some of the alarms, there still is a sizeable number of discrete events your NOC or technicians must evaluate, triage, and investigate, which may be overwhelming. This data stream of network events, however, can tell a story about network health and even provide proactive intelligence to avoid problems if you have the right tools to turn alarm data into actionable information.

This is one of the primary features of the Calix Remote Monitoring Service. Watch our recent video featuring BTC’s Stephen Jones as he shares their experience with the Remote Monitoring Service and its ability to provide real-time intelligent notifications and alarm analytics. 


One of the newfound capabilities right out-of-the box for BTC was the ability to identify specific serving areas that had a high number of alarms. In the past, they did not have a way to view the alarm information in manner that exposed areas with high rates of incidents. To them, these events looked like individual alarm types coming in repeatedly network wide. The insights made available by the Analytics and Reporting Portal of the Remote Monitoring Service allowed them to zero in on the core issue in problem areas and address them more efficiently.

Stephen pointed out they have seen some savings due to the Remote Monitoring Service by not having to change out equipment unnecessarily and the elimination of repeat truck rolls due to better problem identification.

One other observation Stephen shared was the complementary capabilities of the Remote Monitoring Service and Calix Support Cloud when it came to improving visibility and streamlining operational workflows. He noted that “They work great together,”  because the Remote Monitoring Service gives them visibility all the way to the subscriber’s premises to see issues before the subscriber realizes them, and Calix Support Cloud gives them insight into the subscriber’s point of view on the quality of the service.

Learn more about the power of alarm analytics and the Remote Monitoring Service by going to the Calix Managed Services web page.