August 28, 2019 by Tom Schroer

Calix Services Helps Truestream Go from Pilot to Production with Broadband Network


One universal goal of new broadband service provider entrants is a fast time to market. To do so is challenging and requires expertise across many technologies and operational activities during the entire network deployment and management lifecycle. We recently had the opportunity to speak with the team from Great Lakes Energy’s Truestream to find out about transitioning from the pilot stage to production on their network buildout and what were the lessons learned along the way.

Fast deployment

Truestream, like other electric cooperative broadband providers, was focused on getting to market fast. They went from concept to lit network on a very aggressive schedule, and key to the success of that plan was leveraging outside expertise. To help them scale during the buildout stage, they leveraged Calix Professional Services offerings to assist them in the design, turn-up, and test of their infrastructure, as well as for guidance in helping operationalize service activation and delivery workflows.

Truestream Network Operations Manager Mike Youngs said,

“We needed extra help, and the Professional Services that Calix offered was the help to allow us to get up and running very fast. They walked us through step-by-step the exact process of bringing up a new subscriber including all the different profiles that needed to be created for the different services. They walked us through all of that. “

Fast deployment was another key success factor Mike pointed out to help get them to market quickly.

“We had a great implementation team. They documented everything they did. After the first few installs, we were comfortable rolling out the rest ourselves if we wanted to, but it was so fast using the Calix team, we just kept with it through every install.”

Mike’s goal was to get to revenue generation as quickly as possible and they were able to do that with the Calix Services team.

Proactive operations

Once the initial network buildout phase is complete, the task of operating and managing the network are paramount to new entrants. Truestream saw the importance of this next phase as they started putting subscribers on their fiber network, and they were ready for it. They also knew that to keep their staff lean, they needed to take a proactive operations approach for optimal efficiency. To help, they leveraged Calix Managed and Support Services offerings including the Remote Monitoring Service and Vantage Service Director.

Mike also said, “Any time we can get out ahead of a potential issue and solve a potential problem before the customer is aware, that adds a lot of value. We do have some broadband competitors in the area and… it’s easy for someone to move on from us should we give our subscribers poor or substandard service.”

Mike attributed the Remote Monitoring Service as a big reason they are able to learn about potential issues hitting their network and get them fixed before subscribers called. This helped Truestream provide better service and helped in subscriber retention.

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