July 22, 2019 by Carl Meyerhofer

Considering or Building a Rural Broadband Network? Start with a Team of Trusted Advisors


If you’re reading this, you may be in the thick of planning or building a broadband network for your rural cooperative members or residents. In working with hundreds of electric cooperatives and municipalities, we’ve found that one of the toughest challenges you might face is this: it’s difficult to know where and who to turn to for help, advice and, perhaps most importantly, guidance for how to do this right – that is, if you do it at all.

Here’s the good news

There’s a proven, trusted network of highly experienced partners who can guide you on everything from the early stage – building a business case, performing feasibility studies, and securing funding; the middle stage – designing and building your network; to the late stage – managing operations and services. And you can tap into this ecosystem of experts through Calix.

After years of helping new market entrants just like you, we are part of an extensive community of business and technology partners who specialize in all the essential aspects of financing, designing, building, and operating a broadband network.

This partner ecosystem has been working together for years to create best practices in network deployment and to assure compatibility of systems and technologies. Some partnerships have even led to integration activities in order to create a more seamless operations experience for service providers. These partnerships and integration activities translates to simpler implementation, higher likelihood of business success and significant operational benefits and savings.

Leverage our experience and relationships for your success

For electric cooperatives and municipalities, entering a new competitive business can be an overwhelming and daunting initiative. Serving an unserved or underserved community is critically important to bridging the digital divide that exists today in many rural communities. Remember that you are not in this alone in this quest and there are industry experts ready to share their knowledge and here to help.

To learn more, request a complimentary Partner Consultation with Calix today. 

Good luck on your journey to assure your community does not get left behind.