June 5, 2019 by Teresa McGaughey

Getting it Right, Together!


Transforming your business isn’t easy. Actually, it’s hard and you can spend weeks, months, and even years thinking about how to do it right. You can plan out the goals you want to achieve and clearly layout how you would define success, only to realize that while you created the ultimate plan for transformation the world has passed right.

So how do you keep your subscribers happy and stay ahead of the competition, while successfully transforming your business to meet the challenges of today’s fast-moving world? Well, you have to execute on your plan in phases or small steps, so you can stop take a moment to look around you, make sure you are still on a good path, and then get back to executing. The benefit of following this approach is you never go too far to the left or right of where you should be before you have a chance to correct. It’s obvious how in the long run this approach could get you to your goal faster and more successfully.  However, to those on the outside, it is often not clear that anything is happening, or it could even look like things are moving backward, until all of a sudden you leap in front and win the war. 

If you’ve been watching Calix closely this may sound familiar, especially if you remember this previous blog on DevOps and are now watching our quarterly releases. Each of our platforms - Calix Cloud, EXOS, and AXOS, as well as our services, have a quarterly release of new capabilities. We just completed our Q2 release, and on AXOS, some of you have been involved in demos and feedback sessions related to the latest capabilities in our AXOS Services Management Connector (SMx). These feedback sessions are part of the process in the development of our platforms. By partnering with you, our customers, you can be sure you’re getting a solution that will meet your needs today and well into the future. This way, we will all get it right, faster, together. If you’d like to be part of a feedback and demo session related to the Q2 AXOS SMx release, please fill out this form and we’ll contact you to schedule one.