May 31, 2019 by Doug Blue

Want a “Fiber-Like” Performance Out of Your Cable Network? Here’s How.


Strong competition, the loss of pay-tv subscribers, and other market drivers have forced cable operators to iterate (again) on their hybrid-fiber coax (HFC) networks. “Fiber rich” diets coupled with new DOCSIS technologies are now being leveraged to respond to gigabit service offerings and bandwidth-hungry subscribers consuming nearly all content over IP. 

Despite dramatic improvements to DOCSIS technology over the last 20 years, cable operators still aspire to deliver “fiber like” network performance, while never quite getting there. Consider today, that the investment you make in DOCSIS, could be a regrettable spend of tomorrow.   

In 2018, Calix and CCI Systems, conducted a detailed analysis comparing the cost to upgrade a traditional HFC network - in low, medium, and high-density serving areas - to either a fiber-deep Node +0 or a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network architecture. The analysis yielded results that departed widely from accepted industry practices.

Most operators consider Remote PHY technology as the evolutionary path for their network and approach these upgrades concurrent with a fiber deep strategy.  While this combination can provide optimal DOCSIS performance, it may not warrant the investment in a total network overhaul.  Building on the 2018 study, Calix and CCI Systems evaluated a more unorthodox and cost effective “hybrid “approach to cable network evolution – leveraging both Remote PHY and PON technologies. 

Join Calix and CCI Systems on June 5th, 2019 at 1:00 PM EST to learn how a new and innovative “hybrid” approach that can save cable operators anywhere from 45 to 65 percent in brownfield network upgrades.  The time is now to start investing and stop spending on your network.