April 18, 2019 by Bridget Watkins

There’s an App for That!

It’s possible that in the past you’ve debated the need to have an app that enables subscribers to control, interact with, and enable their Wi-Fi experience. In fact, I’ve heard comments and questions along these lines:

  • Do we really want our subscribers “messing with” their home networks?
  • It’s too much of a hassle to enable that type of interaction.
  • If our subscriber has that type of control, won’t it increase our help desk calls?
  • It would be too difficult to keep it updated and get approvals from the app store.

While all of these comments and questions are valid concerns, I believe we’ve come to a point where you need to decide what type of service provider you want to be.

Pipe Provider (PP) - You deliver bandwidth to the side of a house and the subscriber, likely along with other technology partners, takes over from there.

Experience Enabler (EE) – Not only do you deliver the bandwidth that the subscriber needs, but you want to ensure the experience extends throughout the home.

Let’s take a minute to compare: 

Pipe Provider or Experience Enabler

Things you care about: Pipe Provider Experience Enabler
Ability to fulfill regulatory obligations Yes Yes
Ability to grow revenue in a stagnant or diminishing market No Yes
Ability to improve the subscriber experience within the home No Yes
Ability to deliver new services within the home No Yes
Ability to reduce trouble calls by enabling subscribers No Yes

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of the things you care about, you may be asking, “Do I really need an app to do those things?  Isn’t managed wi-fi enough?”

Let’s look at some of the research: 


The Stat: Consideration:
96.5 percent of smartphone users have at least 1 “utilities and tools” app on their device. (Statista) Customer Satisfaction increases 8 percent as the customer becomes aware of self-service offerings. Customer satisfaction for the 35-64 age bracket increases even more, averaging +11 percent. (Chartwell’s 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey – via mindgrub) 8 percent improvement!! Just through awareness of self-service offerings!
Automating the password reset process decreases help desk calls by 30 percent. (Avatier) How many calls do you get to re-set an SSID or re-set a password or set up a guest network? What if those calls disappeared?

So, what does all this mean?

If your company goals include things like grow revenue, increase ARPU, and improve customer satisfaction, you need to first build a foundation within the subscriber’s home. With that in place so you can build new services, you next need to enable the subscribe to fully engage with the process and build their excitement for what you’ll bring them in the future.

How do I get there?

Well, there’s an app for that. The Calix Smart Home App elevates the subscriber experience and provides the platform to deliver new relevant and impactful services. Calix handles the development and deployment work (with quarterly enhancements) and your subscribers download, register, and engage. To learn more about what the app can do, visit us the Calix Smart Home App web page.