April 26, 2019 by Kevin Kuo

NISC and AXOS SMx: Driving Business Growth with Operational Efficiency

Is the evolution of technology placing more and more pressure on you to continually innovate and simplify your OSS capabilities? Are you struggling with ways to optimize your network operations to drive increased operational efficiencies quickly and easily?

Operational support services such as service activation, service assurance, billing, and customer care are becoming costlier and more complex to manage. The ability to hone and simplify your back office operations will allow you to capitalize on the benefits from accelerating your time to revenue and time to service capabilities.


Watch the video above to hear more about how NISC is leveraging Calix AXOS and SMx to simplify OSS/BSS operations, accelerate provisioning of services, and drive increased operational efficiencies for their rural utility and broadband set of customers.

This proves to be another powerful example of how AXOS SMx, along with OSS/BSS integrators such as NISC, can enable service providers to accelerate their time to market and back office integrations. Access the following announcement for another example of how a Calix OSS/BSS partner has leveraged AXOS and SMx to reduce their OSS integration timeline by over 80 percent.