How Managed Services Will Empower Your Team to Deliver Exceptional Subscriber Experiences

Martha Galley

Executive Vice President, Customer Engagement and Services, Calix


Your customer support team is a valuable asset. Why? Because your support team is the primary caretaker of the subscriber experience. Today, that experience needs to be all about your managed services. The reason for this is simple. You differentiate when you deliver services like parental controls, home network security, connected cameras, and more. By embracing managed services, you offer value to subscribers that goes far beyond speed—which, let’s face it, is just table stakes today.    

When you deliver a fantastic subscriber experience, you won’t get caught in a race to the bottom when it comes to speed or price. You’ll be better positioned to grow subscriber loyalty, no matter the competition you face in your market. It also offers broadband service providers (BSPs) several exciting business benefits. 

Just look at Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies (OTTC). Using Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud) and Calix Premier Customer Success Services (Customer Success), OTTC launched Revenue EDGE™ last year, including the managed services, ProtectIQ® and ExperienceIQ®, in just a few weeks, a record time to market. They’re now gearing up to launch Arlo Secure connected cameras as they work to extend their world-class subscriber experience. This alignment lets OTTC deliver an exceptional experience—gaining them an NPS of +76 and a five percent reduction in subscriber churn.

That’s why Calix is committed to helping BSPs succeed with deploying managed services. So, how do you empower your customer support team to deliver exceptional subscriber experiences while running a highly efficient support center? Here are three tips to get you started.

  1. Give your teams end-to-end visibility into the subscriber experience. With Support Cloud, your customer support team can quickly and easily automate workflows and access actionable insights based on advanced data analytics. The latest version of Support Cloud also enables easier collaboration across your support team. The improved efficiency, easier troubleshooting, and enhanced engagement will not only empower your teams, it will also delight your subscribers. 

  2. Let your subscribers take the wheel. Using self-service support with CommandIQ®, subscribers can take control of their services without ever placing a call to your support desk. Everyone WINS. You get fewer calls, and your subscribers get an experience they want with a brand they trust.  

  3. Expand into managed services with confidence—and all the support you need. Thanks to Calix Premier Customer Success Services (Customer Success—along with the newly added Calix Smart Start for Managed Services and Calix Support for Managed Services—you can confidently expand your offerings. 

As we grow the managed services ecosystem, we will continue to prioritize ease of deployment through the combined power of Support Cloud and Calix Premier Customer Success Services. That means you can continue to give your subscribers ALL the services they want and need without adding complexity to your workflows or overburdening your CSRs. 


Extract Valuable Subscriber Insights and Turn Them Into Action

It’s all in the data. Whether you know it or not, your subscribers tell you precisely what they need and want from you every day. In this case, the best gauge of subscriber satisfaction is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Invented by Fred Reichheld in 2003, NPS helps companies measure customer loyalty and answers a simple question: Do your customers love you enough to recommend you to others? 

The great thing about NPS is you can use it to build stronger subscriber relationships. To help you capitalize on the power of NPS, the Calix Services team is developing a new service to provide BSPs with business insights. This service will be part of a portfolio of analytics services that will expand over time, and is designed to help BSPs strategically leverage their data to grow their business and improve their subscribers’ experience. 

What could this look like in action? Many Calix customers are already using NPS to inform their customer support strategies. One customer support team discovered regular dips in NPS based on the length of their subscriber relationship. They then used those metrics to explore the source of the drop and develop an action plan to address the issue. In another instance, NPS data revealed gamers—rather than content streamers—were the BSP’s most prominent “promoters.” As a result, they adjusted their customer support outreach.  

With Business Insights as a Service, you can leverage data analysis to uncover insights and develop action plans with specific recommendations. While we’ll launch the service with NPS, we have plans to expand this service to address other important topics.  

This powerful combination of data and analytics will help organizations transform their business. What does this mean for customer support teams? Empowered CSRs, proactive support, and loyal subscribers can transform your customer support from being reactive to proactive.


Expand Your Managed Service Offerings While Running Efficient Support

The secret to happy subscribers is aligning your services to their needs. It’s a long-term investment that will pay off with loyalty and advocacy. With Calix managed services and Calix Support Cloud, you provide a personalized subscriber experience while streamlining your customer support. With the addition of SmartTown Wi-Fi and the Revenue EDGE Small Business Solution, you can offer your small business customers (and the broader community you serve) the same exceptional customer experience and support you offer residential customers. 

When you offer innovative managed services with comprehensive support from Calix, your customer support team will provide value for your business, operate at optimal efficiency, and create the happiest subscribers around. 

As always, Calix and our entire community are here to help you achieve your customer support goals. If you have questions or feedback about how we can help you meet and exceed your objectives, email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn. 



NOVEMBER 1-3, 2022


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