Why Partnership Is the Key To Creating a Great Subscriber Experience

Martha Galley

Executive Vice President, Customer Engagement and Services, Calix


When I think of what goes into delivering an outstanding subscriber experience, my mind automatically turns to football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. No matter what the sport, it takes the entire team—players, coaches, trainers, and support staff—working together for the win. As a broadband service provider (BSP), your entire “team” is dedicated to delighting subscribers, and it starts on the front line with your install and repair (I&R) technicians.

As your trusted partner, Calix is continually innovating to provide the platforms, solutions, and services that will help you: 

  • Accelerate your time-to-market and time-to-revenue
  • Ensure your networks operate at peak efficiency and cost-effectively
  • Proactively identify and resolve problems (before subscribers are aware of them)
  • Create happy, loyal subscribers who love your brand

The Power of Calix Support Cloud—Right in Your Hand

We’ve listened to what you—our customers—wanted, and we’ve delivered with a responsive UI that puts the full power of Calix Support Cloud in the palm of the I&R tech’s hand. Mobile devices are nearly ubiquitous in our daily lives, and we’re continuing to leverage mobile technology to strengthen the customer support process, bringing the critical information and insights in Support Cloud directly to your frontline workers.

Support Cloud empowers your I&R techs, whether they’re on a new subscriber install or responding to an issue, delivering the instant insights that streamline the install process, reduce trouble tickets, speed response times, avoid unnecessary truck rolls, and drive greater support efficiency. We complement this by giving subscribers easy-to-use self-service capabilities, right at their fingertips, through the CommandIQ® mobile app.

We’re making it even easier for customer support teams to offer a concierge-level subscriber experience that will increase satisfaction, reduce churn, and build loyalty. Now that’s the power of partnership.

Raising the Bar on Subscriber Experience

In this issue of the Customer Support Beacon, we’re looking at different ways to deliver an amazing subscriber experience, with insights from leading Calix customers, best practices from companies outside our industry, and the latest product developments at Calix. Click on the links in the table of contents to read these stories:

  • Calix customer West Carolina Tel is enabling their field technicians to save even more time and further reduce unnecessary truck rolls by leveraging Support Cloud on their mobile devices.
  • Joseph Michelli, author and customer experience professional, explains why long customer support calls can be a good thing, with an in-depth look at the stellar customer experience delivered by web retail pioneer Zappos.
  • Calix vice president of product management Supriya Iyer shares more on how Calix is arming BSP frontline workers with new tools and capabilities to enhance the subscriber experience while at the same time helping you maximize operational efficiency.

As always, Calix and our entire community are here to help you achieve your customer support goals. If you have questions or feedback about how we can help you meet and exceed your objectives, please get in touch—I’m on email at martha.galley@calix.com, or you can connect with me on LinkedIn





Learn How West Carolina Tel Field Techs Are Faster and More Efficient With Calix Support Cloud

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I recently connected with Troy Mack, manager of network operations at West Carolina Tel, a telecommunications cooperative serving members across eight counties in South Carolina and Georgia. The recipient of the 2020 Calix “Innovations in Revenue EDGE” Award for Customer Experience, West Carolina Tel prides itself on ensuring subscriber satisfaction at every step of the journey. We discussed the critical role that field technicians (field techs are also known as installation and repair (I&R) techs) play in creating an outstanding subscriber experience, how innovative tools and technologies enhance field techs’ day-to-day work, and best practices that have changed how they support subscribers in the COVID era and beyond.  

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How Zappos Uses Customer Support as an Opportunity to Wow Customers

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Zappos uses superior customer support to boost customer engagement, loyalty, and referrals—and generates 75 percent of their orders from happy repeat customers. See how you can apply best practices from this innovative online retailer in your broadband business.

Calix Support Cloud: How To Mobilize Your Frontline Support for Success

Supriya Iyer

Everyone across your organization—sales, marketing, operations, finance, and, of course, customer support—is committed to ensuring your subscribers are thrilled with their broadband service. Frequently that fantastic subscriber experience starts with your field techs (or installation and repair (I&R) technicians); they are the first point of subscriber contact and the face of your brand.

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