3 Techniques To Help Deliver New Managed Services While Providing Exceptional Experiences and Support

Martha Galley

Chief Customer Success Officer, Calix


Managed services generated an incredible amount of energy and excitement at ConneXions 2022. Leaders from ALLOMidwest Energy & Communications (MEC)Nex-Tech, and Paul Bunyan Communications shared how managed services are helping them enrich their subscribers’ lives, transform their businesses, and improve their communities. Parents can protect their kids from cyberbullying. Residents can monitor their homes while they’re away. Businesses and communities can offer seamless connectivity. The possibilities managed services offer to subscribers are extraordinary, but customer support leaders will need to easily and efficiently support these offerings.  

Exceed Subscriber Expectations While Investing in Managed Services  

As Calix continues to expand the roster of managed services, it’s natural that the sheer number of options can feel overwhelming. That’s why support teams need the tools and resources to efficiently launch, troubleshoot, and scale an ever-expanding array of new and valuable offers. The goal in deploying new managed services is to deliver world-class services while maintaining industry-leading experience and support.

Calix invests in our platform and services so you can deliver exceptional support and frictionless subscriber experiences. Here are three ways we’re positioning you for managed services success:

  1. Equipping support teams to service new markets and servicesCalix Support Cloud (Support Cloud) gives you the power to service residential, community, and small business segments with a single, intuitive, and familiar support system as your company offers an expanding array of managed services for those segments. As your company looks to give previously underserved small businesses the fully managed productivity and support they need, you can confidently launch Calix SmartBiz™ (SmartBiz), Calix's newest offer, with the same excellent support you already deliver to other segments.   

  2. Automating and streamlining processes to increase support efficiency. With each quarterly release, we enhance Support Cloud, making it even easier and faster for support teams to troubleshoot Calix SmartHome™ and Calix SmartTown™ managed services. Updates to improve usability, streamline escalation processes, and automate call outcomes will help reduce call resolution times and enable a more proactive support experience.  

  3. Partnering to help you launch, support, and scale managed services with confidence. This year, we are increasing our Calix Customer Success Services (Customer Success) organization so you have the expertise and resources you need to simplify the rollout of managed services. With services like Smart Start for Managed Services and Calix Support for Managed Services, Customer Success helps you plan, launch, support, and scale new managed services that will differentiate your business and delight subscribers.  

Tombigbee Supports a Growing Portfolio of Managed Services To Deliver Greater Value to Community 

Mississippi cooperative Tombigbee Fiber is a great example of a company winning with managed services and excellent customer support. They see SmartTown as a great opportunity to build on the end-to-end Calix network and managed services they’ve deployed to deliver even greater value to their community. They already provide SmartHome services, including ProtectIQ® network security and ExperienceIQ® parental controls, to every member as part of their Wi-Fi package, and they’re going to be offering Arlo Secure connected cameras and Bark social media monitoring to further protect their members. Now Tombigbee is looking at opportunities to deploy SmartTown.    

Tombigbee CEO Tom Hendrix shared his perspective on rolling out this new service: “SmartTown is an amazing concept that will enable us to bring a world-class offering to small towns across Mississippi, powering everything from smart water meters to connectivity at civic events. In Tupelo, we already have Calix GigaSpire® systems and SmartHome services deployed all over town—so why add in another technology? By using our existing Calix platforms and cloud products, including Support Cloud, we can roll out SmartTown quickly and cost-effectively.”    

Managed services provide BSPs with unprecedented opportunities to grow their business at a pace that’s reasonable and manageable. By partnering with Calix, you get access to all the benefits these managed services provide, without the friction or worry that sometimes accompanies the adoption of new solutions and services. With our growing ecosystem of services, tools, and resources, Calix helps BSPs of any size transform their businesses to become experience providers—enriching communities and empowering subscribers.  

As always, Calix and our entire community are here to help you achieve your customer success goals. If you have questions or feedback about how we can help you meet and exceed your objectives, email me at martha.galley@calix.com or connect with me on LinkedIn. 




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