AXOS – The Only True SDA

Operational Ease and Flexibility

Interfaces with open standard orchestration and management solution because it supports dynamic “state” manipulation through standard, open interfaces.

Portable across the network with common, stable field deployed components

Calix and the ONOS Project

Calix is creating an Apache Kafka northbound interface within ONOS, allowing existing and new applications written in virtually any language to integrate with ONOS via Kafka clients. Kafka is a high-throughput distributed messaging system that can handle hundreds of megabytes of reads and writes per second from thousands of clients.

With this contribution, ONOS is opened up to a wide number of non-Java applications, significantly expanding the scope of control of ONOS SDN controllers. These new applications include AXOS and other real-time applications that power critical infrastructure in the access network. AXOS is designed for component portability, providing for easy migration from embedded systems into hosted environments using ONOS SDN controllers.

Calix is committed to making ONOS successful and bringing value to the ONOS community.

Within AXOS, containerized software components ride on top of a unique hardware abstraction layer that preserves software independence from the underlying hardware. 

All components and operational functions within AXOS use standard NETCONF protocol and YANG data models that enable AXOS powered systems to readily fit into any open SDN orchestration and control framework. Open, published APIs also allow customers to directly program unique network applications and services.

The result: Significantly reduced operational complexity.

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