AXOS – The Only True SDA

Always On

Eliminate Service Disruptions

Eliminates maintenance windows through the live upgrade functionality.

Minimizes downtime using self-diagnosis, self-healing and process auto-restart
Provides unprecedented visibility into application performance via monitoring and streaming data off the systems to feed third-party or open source monitoring tools.

Within AXOS, containerized software components ride on top of a unique hardware abstraction layer that preserves software independence from the underlying hardware. 

AXOS software components run in separate processes so any fault is isolated and contained, delivering the highest levels of network reliability and availability in an era of shrinking “maintenance windows.”

The platform’s “stateful” operation maintains all computing state information separately from system processes, providing powerful self-auditing and automated self-healing capabilities, including the ability for individual processes to be upgraded “on the fly” without impacting the system, the network, or subscriber services.

The result: Elimination of costly service disruptions and time-consuming software re-certifications.

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