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Calix 700GE ONTs: GPON and Pt-to-Pt GE in the Same ONT

Leveraging unique Calix auto-detect optics, the Calix 700GE are the industry's only ONTs to support GPON and point-to-point gigabit Ethernet in a single ONT. This delivers unmatched flexibility to service providers looking to meet the broad service demands of both residential and business subscribers in their networks. Service providers no longer have to manage separate networks to deliver residential and business services, but rather match the right technology to each deployment scenario, and manage as one network.

Formerly, GPON and pt-to-pt GE were often seen as competing technologies, and service providers were forced to choose between them and run separate networks to support them. The Calix 700GE ONTs allow GPON and pt-to-pt GE to be deployed as complementary technologies based on the application, yet managed within a single network. The result: More efficient network management and operations models, complete service flexibility, and peace of mind that no matter what the service demand, the 700GE ONTs, once installed, can cost-effectively support it without need for a service call or truck roll.

700GE ONTs leverage another unique Calix feature, the ability to upgrade the ONT to a Residential Services Gateway (RSG) via a software download. This feature also provides a flexible provisioning model that supports a variety of in-home networking deployment models (for more information see Home Gateways).


  • Service providers need to inventory only one ONT for both pt-to-pt GE and GPON.
  • Calix auto-detect technology allows service providers to remotely provision and convert any subscriber from one technology standard to another; no expensive truck rolls or upgrades are required at the customer premises.
  • Utilizing Calix standards-based Extended Reach or C+ optics GPON, the 700GE ONTs can be located up to 60 km from the serving office.
  • When in pt-to-pt GE mode, the 700GE ONTs can be located at distances up to 50 km, enabling service to hard-to-reach customers.
  • 700GE ONTs support Calix Smart Activate, greatly simplifying the process and cost of deploying ONTs. Smart Activate can utilize a voice response system embedded in every P-Series ONT, a web based version via an Ethernet connection, or an iOS-based app.
  • Bandwidth requirements that demand dedicated fiber access can be served using the pt-to-pt GE mode on the 700GE ONTs.
  • Several 700GE ONTs support 1 GHz RF video. The 725GE also supports RF Return.
  • Both TDM voice and VOIP (SIP, H.248, MGCP) are supported, including TDM voice over Ethernet.
  • The 700GE ONTs are supported by the Calix B6, C7, and E7, as well as all standards-based GE switches and routers (pt-to-pt GE).

Calix 700GE ONTs are available in 11 models:

  • 711GE ONT: 2 POTS and 2 GE
  • 712GE ONT: 2 POTS, 2 GE, and HPNA v3.1 over coax
  • 716GE ONT: 2 POTS and 4 GE
  • 716GE-I ONT: 2 POTS and 4 GE indoor version
  • 717GE ONT: 4 POTS and 4 GE
  • 721GE ONT: 2 POTS, 2 GE, and 1 GHz RF video
  • 722GE ONT: 2 POTS, 2 GE, and HPNA v3.1 over coax 1 GHz RF video
  • 725GE ONT: 2 POTS, 2 GE, and 1 GHz RF video with RF return
  • 726GE ONT: 2 POTS, 4 GE, and 1 GHz RF video
  • 726GE-I ONT: 2 POTS, 4 GE, and 1 GHz RF video indoor version
  • 727GE ONT: 4 POTS, 4 GE, and 1 GHz RF video

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Calix 722GE-ONT

722GE ONT: 2 POTS, 2 GE, 1 RF video,
and 1 HPNA v3.1 over coax

Calix 716GE-I ONT

716GE-I Indoor ONT: 2 POTS ports and 4GE ports

Single Family ONTs
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