Calix Multi-Dwelling Unit ONTs

Multi-dwelling units present a particularly difficult environment for fiber access. The distance from building entrance to the living unit is greater and every MDU is unique. Calix has designed a variety of solutions to address the MDU environment.

Calix offers four ONTs specifically designed for MDU applications: 760GX, 762GX, 763GX, and 763GX-R. All MDU ONTs support both GPON and Active Ethernet. The 760GX is targeted at buildings of four living units or increments of four living units in larger buildings. All Calix MDU ONTs offer eight POTS ports, four 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, and four or eight portsof 1 GHz RF video with remote on/off capability. The 760GX and 762GX offer four 18 dBmV RF video ports, but have a high power 34.5 dBmV port for difficult-to-reach living units.

The 760GX is typically used for four living unit deployments and the 762GX is designed for increments of eight living units, adding four additional 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports. Both the 760GX and 762GX are temperature hardened, so they can be mounted in a metallic enclosure inside or outside. There are -48 VDC power supplies available for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The 760GX and 762GX are also frequently used for business applications that do not require the T1 service ports available on the Calix business and mobile back-haul ONTs. Because of this, the 760GX and 762GX come withEthernet OAM capabilities.

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The 763GX ONT is the first MDU ONT in the industry to offer an RF Return micronode based on the SCTE RFOG standard. It is part of the Calix family of ONTs that support RF. Supporting up to eight living units, the 763GX features eight 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, eight POTS ports, and eight ports of 1 GHz RF video, with RF Return. The 763GX is available in both rack- and wall-mounted units.

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The most difficult MDUs for fiber access are existing large buildings where rewiring of the inside wiring is not feasible. Calix has developed two complete solutions for these environments. The new E3-12C is fed by dual GE uplinks and offers 12 lines of VDSL2 with integrated VOIP. When used in conjunction with the C7, the E3-12C can also support TDM voice. A second solution can be used in both GPON and Active Ethernet deployments. It couples Calix 760GX-R ONTs with the Calix E5-121 VDSL2 platform. For example, the 10/100/1000 ports on the 763GX-R are used to feed the E5-121. In just 3RU of rack space this solution provides 24 ports of VDSL2, 32 lines of voice, a 1 GHz RF video port, and the expansion capability of up to 96 lines of VDSL2. The E5-121 can also be combined with other Calix rack-mounted ONTs offered for business and mixed residential/commercial applications.

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Calix 763GX MDU ONT
Multi-Dwelling Unit ONTs
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