Calix 700GE Indoor ONTs

Many service providers see value in locating ONTs inside the living unit. For many years, Calix has offered a specially designed mounting bracket and splice tray for structured wiring enclosures. This was ideal for greenfield applications where structured wiring enclosures are most commonly found, but was not an ideal solution for existing housing units.

The 716GE-I and 726GE-I are the first Calix ONTs designed to address a wide range of indoor settings. The modern, consumer product-inspired design enables it to be located in public settings, such as desktops and visible wall locations. Both the 716GE-I and 726GE-I offer two POTS and four GE ports and all the most valued features of Calix 700GE ONTs:

  • Support for both GPON and point-to-point gigabit Ethernet (Active Ethernet) through the unique Calix auto-detect technology
  • Full symmetrical, line rate GE
  • Every port separately provisioned
  • Support for multiple services (VLANs) over each GE port
  • Remote ONT activation (RONTA) via a voice response system
  • Voice services – both TDM and VOIP (SIP and H.248)

The 716GE-I is the first indoor ONT in the industry that supports both GPON and AE in the same home unit. This is an extremely important feature for service providers when considering indoor ONTs, since any future technology change would require the service provider to gain access to the inside of the home versus facilitated access when an ONT is located outside. With this auto-detect feature, a service provider changing its service offering in the future from GPON to AE would require no dispatches or truck rolls – a significant OPEX savings. To perform a technology switch, a fiber is merely moved to the appropriate OLT in the serving office and the ONT retrains to the new technology within seconds. Additionally, by having full symmetrical GE, the subscriber units are ready for whatever bandwidth requirements emerge in coming years. The 726GE-I supports 1 GHz RF video overlay. As long as it is operating in RF mode, AE is not supported. The ONT can be used with RF in GPON mode and then as an operator moves to IPTV the 726GE-I can operate in either GPON or AE mode.

Counter-intuitively, another important feature when considering indoor ONTs is temperature range. The 716GE-I and 726GE-I offer a wide temperature (-5 C to 50 degrees C) specification for a wide range of indoor installations. This is important in providing greater flexibility to service providers in where to locate ONTs. Indoor does not always mean environmentally controlled – indoor ONTs will often be located in garages or in rooms that may not be well ventilated. By expanding the number of locations, Calix lowers the cost of deployment.

The 716GE-I and 726GE-I ONTs have three powering options, a standard UPS with battery back-up, a desktop UPS color coordinated with the black ONT and an AC/DC wall transformer for applications where battery back-up is not required.

A fiber management/splice tray is also available, which handles excess fiber. The tray can be mounted on a wall, in a structured wiring enclosure, or underneath the ONT on a desktop.

Calix 716GE-I ONT
Calix Indoor ONT
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