Business Service and Mobile Backhaul ONTs

The fastest growing market in fiber access today is for business service applications, including backhaul to mobile base stations. The rollout of new wireless standards, such as LTE and WiMax, places extraordinary new bandwidth requirements on mobile backhaul to support both new services and higher mobile penetration. This need for new bandwidth is driving an industry-wide transition from T1-only based backhaul to T1 and Ethernet backhaul. As a result, wireless operators are increasingly demanding fiber to their base stations.

Calix offers a wide range of ONTs specially designed to maximize revenue from emerging applications for fiber access.

The newest additions to the Calix business services ONT portfolio are the 742GE, 743GE, and 744GE ONTs. These small form factor ONTs feature all of the service capabilities of our larger ONTs, including support for both point-to-point gibabit Ethernet and GPON using our unique auto-detect technology, Ethernet OAM, and full GE bandwidth downstream and upstream. All 740GE ONTs feature two GE ports and two POTS ports. The 744GE has RJ45 copper Ethernet interfaces. The 742GE and 743GE support copper and optical SFPs facing the customer. The 743GE and 744GE feature two T1/E1 service interfaces utilizing PWE3.

The 766GX ONT is the most popular of our business ONTs. The 766GX features four GEs, eight T1/E1s, and eight POTS ports, as well as four 18 dBmV RF ports and one 34.5 dBmV RF port. The 766GX is available in -48 and 24 VDC versions, with rack- and wall-mounted options. The 766GX supports both GPON and point-to-point GE. Ethernet OAM is supported so service providers can ensure that they meet service level agreements. T1s can be backhauled as TDM or pseudowire (PWE3), enabling the transport of T1 services over an all-Ethernet network. The 766GX supports Ethernet OAM in order to support service level agreements.

The 767GX is designed for mixed-use residential and business applications or for any business that desires two-way RF video. Available only in a rack-mounted configuration, this ONT supports four 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, eight T1s, eight POTS ports, and eight 18 dBmV RF video ports, with an embedded SCTE standard RFOG micronode to support interactive RF services. The 767GX supports Ethernet OAM in order to support service level agreements.

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Business / Mobile Backhaul ONTs
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