Calix 761 ONT Cabinet

Specialized Cabinet for Modularity and Scalability

The Calix 761 ONT provides optimized flexibility for serving MDUs, businesses, and mobile backhaul applications. The 761 ONT houses up to four Calix 700GX or 700GE ONTs. These can be combined in a variety of combinations to address the service interfaces required by the customer. This enables a service provider to scale the 761 ONT to serve up to eight residential or business customers. A highly popular use of the 761 ONT is for mobile backhaul applications using up to four 740G ONTs. A fully loaded 761 ONT with 740G ONTs provides up to four 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports and eight T1s. This configuration is particularly useful for providing service to multiple wireless operators at a shared tower or to provide equipment redundancy over fiber in mobile backhaul applications.

The 761 ONT is designed to be mounted indoors or outdoors, with power supplies rated for both environments. While the ONTs are powered by 12 VDC, a power converter is available for both -48 and +24 VDC sources. The 761 ONT also features a splitter module slot for inserting 1X4 splitters in case the service provider wishes to feed the four ONTs with a single fiber.

Calix 761/761G
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