Calix 700GE ONTs

The Calix 700GE ONTs are the newest and most advanced addition to the industry leader in fiber access innovation. Raising the bar yet again in features, performance, flexibility, and value, the 700GEs are a result of over a decade of Calix experience and innovation in fiber access.

The 700GE ONTs feature the following powerful features:

  • Support for both point-to-point gigabit Ethernet (Active Ethernet) and GPON in the same ONT
  • Calix auto-detect technology, which allows service providers to remotely provision and convert subscribers from one technology to another; no expensive truck rolls or upgrades are required at the customer premises
  • Symmetrical, full GE line rate
  • Multiple GE interfaces on every ONT, two or four GE ports
  • All ONT ports separately provisioned
  • Multiple services (VLANs) supported over every GE port
  • Standards-based Extended Reach GPON; the 700GE ONTs can be located up to 40 km from the serving office in GPON mode and 50 km in AE mode
  • Support for Calix voice activated remote ONT activation (RONTA), greatly simplifying the process and cost of deploying ONTs
  • Support for 1 GHz RF video
  • Support for both TDM voice and VOIP, including TDM voice over Ethernet, SIP, and H.248
  • Available in outdoor versions and a new wide temperature range indoor unit

The 700GE ONTs are supported by the Calix B6, C7, and E7 platforms, as well as all standards-based GE switches and routers (Active Ethernet / point-to-point gigabit Ethernet). The 700GEs can be used for single family residential applications and also provide a very low cost solution for duplexes and quadplexes, since every port can be separately provisioned. Due to their support for symmetrical GE line rates, the 700GE ONTs are also ideal for business and mobile-backhaul applications – either in GPON or AE modes.

Calix 700GE ONTs are available in nine models:

  • 711GE ONT: 2 POTS ports and 2 GE ports
  • 716GE ONT: 2 POTS ports and 4 GE ports
  • 716GE-I ONT: 2 POTS ports and 4GE ports indoor version
  • 717GE ONT: 4 POTS ports and 4 GE ports
  • 721GE ONT: 2 POTS ports, 2 GE ports and 1 GHz RF video
  • 725GE ONT: 2 POTS ports, 2 GE ports and two-way RF video (RFOG)
  • 726GE ONT: 2 POTS ports, 4 GE ports and 1 GHz RF video
  • 726GE-I ONT: 2 POTS ports, 4 GE ports and 1 GHz RF video indoor version
  • 727GE ONT: 4 POTS ports, 4 GE ports and 1 GHz RF video

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