Calix ODC-1000 Outdoor Cabinet

The Calix ODC-1000 broadband enclosure is designed for a single C7 shelf or a combination of C7 and E-Series platforms and nodes. This enclosure provides the powering, protection, and cable management to serve up to 480 copper or 2,560 GPON subscribers. Like all Calix enclosures, the ODC-1000 supports 100% density of narrowband and broadband services. The cabinet has also been designed with additional space for third-party equipment.

Broadband and Craft Friendly

Delivering broadband services demands a broadband enclosure. The ODC-1000 is designed to eliminate the additional heat generated by high bandwidth services as well as manage the multimedia cabling required to deliver multiple services. This craft friendly enclosure offers a modular approach to fiber and cable splicing. The splice compartment is designed to accommodate any mix of fiber and copper cable.

Calix ODC-1000
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