Calix E5-100

Multiservice Ethernet at the Access Network Edge

The Calix E5-100 Ethernet Service Access Node (ESAN) is a hardened, small form factor product that enables communications service providers (CSPs) to offer high bandwidth, advanced broadband services over the existing copper outside plant (OSP) infrastructure. The Calix E5-100 product family is part of a complete portfolio of multiservice over Ethernet solutions that provide seamless integration into a wide variety of access network locations. To further extend deployment flexibility, the E5-100 includes a variety of modular cabling options, which can be used to augment (DSL overlay) or retrofit (DSL/POTS combo) third party DLC cabinets, enabling broadband service delivery from a central office, remote terminal, remote node, or MDU. This approach enables the Calix E5-100 to deliver superior operational efficiencies without sacrificing deployment flexibility or service functionality.

Leverage Copper, Capture Broadband Revenue Today

The Calix E5 provides facilities-based wireline service providers with the option of delivering ADSL2+ or VDSL2 services from traditional DLC locations, MDUs, or remote nodal areas over the existing copper infrastructure. Enabling increased subscriber bandwidth and service flexibility, the Calix E5 delivers revenue generating IP services, such as IPTV, network VOIP, and high speed internet/data. In addition to leveraging both ADSL2+ (E5-110, E5-111) and VDSL2 (E5-120, E5-121) technologies, the Calix E5-100 product family offers a robust Ethernet switching fabric for layer 2 switching (for simplicity) with layer 3 service awareness (for security). Up to two Gigabit Ethernet (GE) uplinks can provide dedicated, incremental uplink capacity - preparing the access network edge for bandwidth intensive or unicast services, such as high definition video on demand (HD-VOD).

Calix E5-100 Series
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