Calix C7 GPON

The Calix C7 meets the needs of any FTTP network deployment. The Calix C7—and the complete line of P-Series optical network terminals (ONTs)—are fully FSAN and ITU G.984 compliant. All Calix devices, including the OLT, are hardened to perform in harsh outside plant environments. Calix has an industry leading OLT port density that allows a single shelf to support up to 5,120 subscribers using a 64:1 split ratio.

Service providers deploying the Calix C7 FTTP solution can provide subscribers with up to a GE of data bandwidth, along with digital video delivered over either RF or IPTV. For voice services, the Calix C7 provides the option to provision SIP, H.248, GR303, or a mix of all three technologies. As with all Calix C7 advanced services, GPON can be provisioned in the same shelf as other service interfaces.

GPON ONTs for the Calix C7

Extended Reach GPON Expands Serving Areas Four Times

Calix provides a standards-based Extended Reach GPON solution that expands the serving radius of GPON from 20 km to 40 km — a fourfold increase in serving area. Calix Extended Reach GPON makes use of a compact, pluggable Extended Reach optical interface module (OIM) inserted into any one of the four available ports on existing Calix C7 GPON optical line terminal (OLT) cards. There's no need to install and power up additional remote cabinets and equipment to reach farther into the network, saving tens of thousands of dollars in potential turn-up costs just to reach remote users beyond the traditional 20 km limit. Offering a clear deployment advantage for all service providers, Calix Extended Reach GPON is especially useful for service providers that operate in rural, low-density areas.

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Evolution Made Simple

For CSPs interested in evolving their C7 networks to become EXA Powered, C7 Release 7.0 incorporates migration tools to make the evolution simple. Adding more bandwidth to your C7 network is streamlined with the methods of procedure, documentation, software tools, and even professional services from Calix to simplify and accelerate your network evolution.

Calix C7 GPON
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