Calix C7 Ethernet

New EXA Powered line cards in the Calix C7 further enhance the advanced Ethernet service capabilities of North America's leading multiservice access platform. Service can be delivered over both copper and fiber using any mix of technology ranging from DSL to GPON and GE interfaces. Access services can be delivered in any VLAN model the service provider desires—VLAN per service, VLAN per subscriber, or a mix of both. Q-in-Q is also supported directly on the Calix C7 without the need to have upstream equipment add additional tags.

In addition to supporting these advanced Ethernet models, the Calix C7 also provides significant Ethernet and IP security for the access network. This is accomplished by locking down the network to prevent users from spoofing IP and MAC addresses. Malicious users are very easy to identify and eliminate by using the advanced management tools supported by the Calix C7 and the Calix Management System (CMS).

Evolution Made Simple

For CSPs interested in evolving their C7 networks to become EXA Powered, C7 Release 7.0 incorporates migration tools to make the evolution simple. Evolving your network to all-Ethernet is simple with the methods of procedure, documentation, software tools, and even professional services from Calix to simplify and accelerate your network evolution.

Calix C7 Ethernet
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