B6 Ethernet Service Access Node (ESAN)

The B6 Ethernet Service Access Node (ESAN) delivers field proven pure Ethernet services, and simplifies copper and fiber broadband deployments. The B6 chassis is hardened and available in 12 slot (B6-012), 6 slot (B6-006), or 1 slot (B6-001) increments, enabling deployment flexibility from the central office to the remote node. Each B6 chassis features an intelligent interconnect architecture, further simplifying broadband deployments and enabling flexibility.

The B-Series features distributed traffic processing, which eliminates the need for common equipment while simplifying network and service expansion. This innovative approach to network and nodal design arms network planners with a system capable of meeting service growth demands while scaling from tens to thousands of subscribers.

In order to streamline broadband operations and minimize ongoing operational costs, the B6 system includes sophisticated service assurance features such as Video Channel Analysis (VCA) and IP Security Management. Combining the flexibility of the modular B6 system, the performance of distributed intelligence, and an extensive suite of operational software tools yields a long life system suited to meet both current and emerging wireline broadband needs.

Product Features

The latest Access Innovation features include:

  • Expanding 10 Gbps capacity across the extensive B6 footprint. The B6-452 is the latest access innovation from Calix and part of the general B6 7.3 release. This exciting new line card includes two XFP 10 GE optical interfaces that can be used to bring 10 Gbps capacity to access networks that deliver high bandwidth services via FTTH or DSL. This is a natural complement to existing B6 cards that feature 10 GE interfaces such as the B6-318 Active Ethernet OLT and B6-256 VDSL2 cards. The B6-452 also includes two SFP+ ports, which accept 10 GE or 1 GE optical modules. These can be used to subtend other B6 line cards or to subtend 10 GE or 1 GE rings. Last but not least, the B6-452 also includes 16 SFP optical ports that can be used to deliver 1 GE services to SMBs, mobile base stations, or high-end consumers. All this in a compact, environmentally hardened 1RU form factor that can be deployed in any of the 20,000+ B6 systems.
  • Increased network flexibility. By introducing SFP+ ports on the B6-452, B6-256, and B6-318, Calix is making it easier for service provider engineers to deploy complementary solutions in a Unified Access network. For example, B6-452 line cards can be used to subtend E3-12C or E3-48 ESANs to bring VDSL2 rate broadband to outlying remote areas not currently covered by a B6 footprint. This added flexibility assures that service providers can utilize the right Unified Access product for the right situation.
  • Improved system resiliency. B6 networks have an inherent carrier grade design and are deployed in hundreds of service provider networks worldwide. Now service providers that utilize the B6-452 can expect improved system resiliency due to an improved thermal design of the line card. These improvements lead to improved MTBF figures, which strengthens an already robust access network solution. Also included in the 7.3 release are software updates that increase TDM gateway and MLPPP resiliency.
Physical Size Number
of Slots
B6-0011 RU high1Standalone-Y
B6-0067 RU high6Medium CapacityY-
B6-012i12 RU high12High CapacityY-
B6-01212 RU high12High Capacity-Y

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Calix B6 Family

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B-Series Product Portfolio

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