Calix Advantage

The Calix Advantage Program is a powerful yet simple program unique in the communications industry that combines world-class technical support, element management, and software upgrades for Calix systems and software. Through Advantage, service providers gain access to the tools they need to maximize the value of Calix solutions while maintaining predictable costs for network operations.

For a single annual fee Calix Advantage provides:

The Calix Advantage Program is comprehensive, cost-effective, simple to implement, and easy to use.

The Calix Advantage Program enables continued investment in the key infrastructure that drives service provider growth and efficiency, and allows you to maintain your advantage.

New Calix customers should contact Calix for "starter" Advantage programs.

Get expert personal assistance when you need it

The Calix Advantage Program provides tech support the way you want it, when you want it.The Calix team of world-class support engineers and other service professionals is available all day, every day to meet your urgent service needs. We also provide you with a variety of self-service support options through our extensive online resources – the Calix Resource Center, the Calix Service Station, and the Calix Community. Our goal: Ensure the right support is delivered to the right place, the first time – minimizing the potential for service disruption, reduction in quality of service, or delay in new service activation. Calix Advantage tech support includes:

  • Unlimited access to expert customer service engineers 24/7, 365 days per year.
  • Online tools that allow your technical and administrative personnel to submit and track service requests efficiently.
  • A suite of on-demand knowledge transfer tools including the Calix Knowledge Base, Community Forums, Resource Center, and Documentation Library.
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