Mobile Backhaul

Mobile backhaul is evolving at an increasingly rapid rate. Small cells are proliferating. Technologies are shifting. Traffic is growing. Competition is intensifying.

Meeting these changing requirements takes a self-healing, self-provisioning, self-aware network that never stops.

Success will require a new set of tools tailored to this emerging landscape: End-to-end synchronization, network-wide monitoring, and hitless software upgrades to name a few.

Running the lowest cost network with the highest service capacity requires systems that predict service deviations before they happen. Calix Service Verify software gives mobile backhaul providers and their customers unprecedented visibility into the backhaul network. More importantly, Service Verify can identify and predict deviations from service level agreements before they occur. Taking corrective action during regular business hours means fewer expensive after-hours dispatches and higher customer satisfaction.

Compass Service Verify:

  • Customer portal
  • Operational efficiency
  • End-to-end network visibility
  • Vendor-agnostic scalability

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With hundreds or even thousands of smartphones depending on the connection to their base station, mobile operators hold their backhaul providers to the highest levels of performance in the industry. Mobile operators want real-time visibility of circuit performance. They want bandwidth on demand. They want a circuit that never ever fails.

Living up to these high expectations requires an integrated, solutions-based approach. First, backhaul providers need a cloud based predictive monitoring and service assurance system with integrated customer facing portals. Second, they need an intelligent transport and aggregation network that provisions itself and doesn’t stop for software upgrades. Third, they need a resilient access solution with redundancy and comprehensive synchronization options. Assembling such an integrated solution can be a tall order for backhaul service providers – unless they turn to the Calix mobile backhaul solution.


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