Extended Reach GPON OIMs

Calix C7 and E7 Extended Reach GPON Optical Interface Module Enables High-Bandwidth Services for Distant Subscribers

Calix provides a standards-based Extended Reach GPON solution that expands the serving radius of GPON from 20 km to 40 km (24 miles). Calix Extended Reach GPON makes use of a compact, pluggable Extended Reach optical interface module (OIM) inserted into any one of the four available ports on the Calix C7 or E7 GPON optical line terminal (OLT) cards. There's no need to install and power up additional remote cabinets and equipment to reach farther into the network, saving tens of thousands of dollars in potential turn-up costs just to reach remote users beyond the traditional 20 km limit.

Although many GPON deployments can benefit from this capability, Extended Reach GPON is especially useful for service providers that operate in rural, low-density areas. With no additional outside plant investment, a provider can now offer virtually all customers the same high-bandwidth fiber services while minimizing outside plant costs.

Like other Calix products, the Calix Extended Reach OIM is standards-compliant – its design was based on ITU-T G.984.6 and Amendment 2 to ITU-T G.984.2.

Calix Extended Reach GPON:

  • Extends the reach of GPON from 20 km to 40 km (24 miles).
  • Increases the service area addressable by a GPON OLT on the Calix C7 or E7 four times, significantly reducing costs by consolidating the number of central offices required.
  • Provides a common infrastructure for residential and business customers by eliminating the need to introduce active electronic solutions for subscribers beyond 20 km.
  • Offers a standards-based, non-proprietary approach that ensures a future-proof infrastructure.
  • Simplifies providers' ONT inventory; all Calix 700/700G/700GX ONTs support Extended Reach GPON.

To enable Extended Reach GPON, providers simply plug the Extended Reach GPON OIM into any one of four ports on a standard Calix C7 or E7 GPON OLT line card on an as-needed basis.

Calix Extended Reach GPON OIM
Pluggable Extended Reach GPON optical interface module (OIM)
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