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Looking to expand your business services revenues? Calix business service solutions are powerful, flexible, and scalable.

We’ve combined our leading GPON and copper business access technologies with a comprehensive suite of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) compliant systems and service assurance software to deliver the predictable performance your customers need. And with the ability to deploy any service from any network location, you can reach 100% of your market easily and cost effectively.

New advanced business solutions from Calix have been architected for this emerging environment and address the needs of the Ethernet business services market head-on by enabling service providers to:

Calix Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) compliant systems and modular software platforms support high availability applications for business and transport applications while providing unmatched performance monitoring and visibility.

Architected to address the shift in communications networking toward cloud-based services, streaming high-definition multimedia, and explosive traffic growth, they allow service providers to deliver the best customer experience with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Command one managed network

Access to high capacity, reliable, and secure network services has never been so important to businesses – and it will continue to grow in importance as business-critical applications are pushed to the cloud. Business service solutions from Calix deliver the performance and service guarantees your customers require – while providing you with insights to react to evolving market needs and to resolve subscriber issues before they impact your business.

Ethernet Diagram

Service Delivery

  • Deploy any service from any location: Optical Ethernet, GPON, DSL.
  • Utilize application-specific service demarcations from 10GE to POTS.
  • Capitalize on a distributed, pay-as-you-grow network of compact, environmentally hardened solutions that go everywhere you need them to be.

Service Assurance

  • Leverage real-time, predictive analytics to reveal problems before they impact SLAs.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with automated monthly performance reports and subscriber portals.

Calix solutions deliver the best customer experience with the lowest total cost of ownership.

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