Executive Team

Carl Russo
President and Chief Executive Officer

Tony Banta
Senior Vice President, Manufacturing Operations

Mimi Gigoux
Senior Vice President, Talent and Culture

Todd Ortberg
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Miguel Alonso
Vice President, Software Products

Mehdi Bradaran
Vice President, Systems Hardware Development

Nathan Harrell
Vice President, National Account Sales

Skip Hirvela
Vice President Regional Sales, U.S.

Omar Ramadan
Vice President, Customer Services

Jill Von Berg
Vice President, Information Technology

William Atkins
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Michael Ashby
Principal Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer

John Colvin
Senior Vice President, North American Sales

Andy Lockhart
Senior Vice President, International Sales

Kevin Pope
Senior Vice President, Systems Software Development

Robert Balsamo
Vice President, Product Strategy

Mark Dressler
Vice President, Major Account Sales

Eoin Heaney
Vice President, Partners

Michael Horn
Vice President, Strategic Alliances

David Seda
Vice President, Marketing

Denis Quinlan
General Counsel


Don Listwin

Kevin DeNuccio

Michael Everett

Michael Flynn

Adam Grosser

Michael Matthews
Chief Corporate Development Officer for AGT International GMBH

Thomas Pardun

Carl Russo
President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Ashby

Michael Ashby, Principal Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer

Michael serves as Calix's principal financial officer and principal accounting officer through February 28, 2014 and a member of the board of directors through February 11. He will continue in an advisory capacity for six months following his departure as an employee of the company. Prior to Calix, Michael was vice president of finance at Cisco, with responsibility for financial planning and investor relations. Michael joined Cisco in 1999 as a result of the acquisition of Cerent Corporation, where he was CFO. Prior to Cerent, Michael was executive vice president and CFO of Ascend Communications (later purchased by Lucent). Earlier, Michael was vice president and CFO at Pacific Telesis Enterprise Group, a division of Pacific Telesis Group, Inc. (later purchased by SBC Communications). Michael has also held the executive management positions of CFO, president, and CEO at Network Systems Corporation, and CFO of Teradata Corporation. Michael currently serves on the Board of Directors and chairman of the audit committee of Canary Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted exclusively to early detection of cancer.
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